Careers at edabba : Apply for the position

We’re looking for people who love food as much as we do. Join our team of business collaborators, chefs, marketing professionals and food enthusiasts, among others!

We are about:


We believe in the phrase ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. With a focus towards what the people want, we believe in coming up with the best ways to serve the needs of the market. We have started working with a simple model to get processes in place so we can evolve and build a food tech division to best serve customer demands.


We build Relations with our Customers and Employees rather than serving them our product only once, so we can understand their requirements and serve them better. We want to be loyal to our customers and employees so we can build their loyalty towards us. We aim to build a recurring consumer base and a long-lasting happy team.


Each and every team member at edabba is passionate about what they do! This is the biggest part of their motivation. We make the work atmosphere such that everyone has dynamic job roles, and freedom to approach their work in the way they like. We ensure a lively atmosphere and good team bonding.


We believe in giving back to society. Our way of giving back is by facilitating food and education for underprivileged kids so that we can make a long-lasting impact in their lives. Once a child is educated, it is something they will have for the rest of their lives. We will try to do this as much as we can and it is one of our major goals.

Our Core Values

Be Passionate about what you do!

Be Bold, Honest and Transparent.

Constantly, learn and adapt to more efficient ways.

Innovate and Improve with feedback to serve Customers in the best way.

Simplify everything complex, and take it step by step.